GLTF 2.0 various meshes

Hello, I am using gtlf 2.0 to change the texture. But it unifies all the meshes into 1 and I need it to give me all (if I send 6 meshes, it returns all 6) for the transformations.

I am not sure I understand your issue. Could you create a minimal definition for me to investigate?
The glTF 2.0 component does not unify all meshes into 1, it just stores all meshes in a single glTF file but you are still able to access each of them using the viewer 3 API and apply different transformations to them.

How could I access each mesh from API 3? I add an image of the geometry output and I only get 1 children

The component corresponds to one node in the scene tree, but this node will have children corresponding to each mesh you sent to the component. We will have a code example for this case in the next few days.

Perfect, thank you very much.

Hello @mathieu1, When will you have the code example?

In the next few days. In the meantime, if you explore the children of the node corresponding to your glTF output, you should easily be able to find the meshes you are looking for.

Hello @mathieu1, I add a Codesandbox with my animation code that does not work with gltf 2

Do you save something? It is urgent for me

My apologies for the delay, our development team has been busy and we did not manage to dedicate time to free support about this topic yet. Work on this code example has started but it will take a little more time. If you need help fast, please contact us so we can discuss private support options.

Hello @Jose_Antonio_Ordoñez,
sorry for the delay, busy times at ShapeDiver right now.

I implemented a new property for you, the pivot property on an animation track can be used now which should make everything a lot easier for you.

Here is your example with that property in use: Animation error (forked) - CodeSandbox

All the best

Hello @MajorMeerkatThe3rd.
Thank you very much, it works perfect.