Global Matching Analysis in Rhino 7

I`m after passing a part of the wonderful tutorial series (Primary Surfacing):
(Primary Surfacing Video Tutorial Series)

I`m a user of Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 WIP.
Is there any more option planned in Rhino 7 to see something like Audodesk Global Matching Analysis? Something more than zebra and matcaps?

Is it possible for me to use Rhino 5 as Rhino 6 user? May I buy that plugin somewhere or maybe it’s free to use because it`s discontinued?

Maybe I’m missing something but how do I know how good continuity is if matching is near to correct (but still incorrect because of bad inputs) without a tool like that? Is there something more which I`m missing about?

Can you show us the situation you are trying to solve? Do you have an example model?

There are a number of tools to control continuity, perhaps we can come up with a workflow for you.

It is difficult to answer the question of whether you are missing something until we are able to answer what tools are available for the specific modeling situation you are working on.

I mean about that part of that specific movie: .
But this is related to a whole movie. There is talk that there is no option for user higher than Rhino 5 to take that useful information about how much continuity is preserved with numbers which I should control.

No, I don’t have any real model example yet. I’m watching a lot of tutorials about modelling in Rhino and question is theoretical (learning process). If you will watch 3 minutes of that movie you will know what I`m talking about.

That specific set of commands are part of a plugin that Autodesk decided to discontinue. So, people cannot use it anymore for the newer versions of Rhino. We are never excited when they decides to take tools away.

We can take a look at any odeling you do in the futrue and help determine if you can get the continuity you need for in your project with Rhino 6 or Rhino 7.

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Thanks for your answer. My question was rather to check if there are any chance to expect that kind of feature in Rhino 7. I’m not saying it’s needed or not because I don’t know enough to judge in that topic. I watched those tutorials and I liked that type of workflow much. That’s why I`ve asked.


@mdesign you may want to take a look at _EdgeContinuity
It let’s you set pairs of edges to evaluate continuity wile you change the surfaces.
It doesn’t select all the edges automatically as VSR, but it’s an interesting enhancement.

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@laborda Thanks a lot. So I missed something. Is that the numbers behind both are the same? It looks that is same functionality limited only to one edge but it`s not a problem. Thanks for sharing this.

you can define many pairs of edges, adding one by one.

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It is dearly needed and requested multiple times.
The proposed V7 command " EdgeContinuity" does techically do what you are asking for, but in terms of usability it just doesn’t cut it.
Needing to select every pair of surface edges one by one makes it all but unusable for complex surfacing imho.


I am probably asking the obvious here, but shouldn’t there be units inside the window for Curvature/ Tangency/ Distance tolerance based on the file units? That makes judging it a little easier imo.