"global dimension scale" equivalent in Rhino 5


I used the old "global dimension scale " a lot in Rhino 4.

That control allowed to globally change the size of the dimensions (text, arrows etc) all at once).

Is there an equivalent way in version 5 ?

Thank you

Dimension styles are what you are looking for I presume.

Document Properties-.Annotations->Dimensions

Thank you for the reply,

Yes, I know that the controls are there, and that I can change individually the text size, arrow´s dimensions, etc, create a custom style and so on…

But how do we, in a given style, change all of a dimensions´s sizes at the same time like in Rhino 4 with the old "global dimension scale " control ?


In Options/Annotation/Dimensions/<DimensionStyleName> you will find an entry “model space scale” which will do what you want I think (in model space only)…


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Thank you but that doesn´t seem to work…

Got it now Mitch, thank you !

I was wrongly using the "model space text scale " box …

Under “layout sizes” the box “model space scale” does what I want.


I miss the old global scale in v4. The ability to change the scale of ALL the dim styles very quickly was very handy.

How get that in net?

Hey Rhinofan, I believe using the “Scale Distances” box and changing the scale does the global change as well.
I haven’t messed with the paper space though so I don’t know the difference in the two methods.

Thank you for the information !