Glitches concerning lines and axes

Hi - new to the forum, been using Rhino for about 4 years. Just upgraded to Rhino 5 (running on bootcamp, and currently using VMware Fusion 6 accessing Bootcamp directly) and the red/green axes are being drug into the bottom right corner. Also having some glitchy line issues in another model with a similar effect. Not sure if this is a Rhino problem, a fusion problem, or maybe a RAM problem? (computer has 8GB). Appreciate your concern.

Here are some more screenshots of a model I’m working on… showing glitch and non-glitch states…

Hello- I would test this in Bootcamp-ed Windows with no Fusion involved and see how that looks.


Definitely better in Bootcamp, just changed the settings of memory and cpu allocation in Fusion - it was set at 1 processor core and 2 GB RAM, so I upped it to 2 processor cores and 4GB of RAM and that so far has fixed the glitchiness.