Seeking help with glitch in rendered view


I’m getting a really weird glitch happening and I’m wondering if anyone knows why this is happening and how to fix it.

I created the file on RhinoMac and then opened it with RhinoWindows via Parallels because i need to create a animation turntable. When I open it in RhinoWindows I get this glitch happening in the rendered view. I have no idea where all the extra data “noise” is coming from. I am using multi-colored spotlights. and the color transition between the pink and the green you see here should be a smooth gradient.

please help!

Hi Christian.
Unfortunately running Rhino on parallels can result in this type of behaviour. it is not supported to run on parallels.


In my experience running Rhino (unsupported by McNeel) via Parallels, the display is the biggest crapshoot. For simple stuff it’s OK; for the kinds of things you want to do, not so much. I believe, via what I read here, that those who run via Bootcamp have better results. I think the difference is that under Bootcamp Rhino has access to the display hardware the same as it would on a PC, including the ability to use the nVidia chip in the Pro Retina. Under Parallels it can only use the Parallels virtual display - which uses the Intel built-in video. I keep hoping that Parallels will improve in this area, but so far: not. (Unless the update I downloaded last night does it; I haven’t checked yet.)