Glass panels and frames do not work on pointy curves

I am trying to create a glass roof with a frame and I can only make my gh script work with either a straight line or a curve. But not the pointy “curve”. What am I missing here?

Sub question:
I added a sweep component, because I decided I wanted to have square tubes instead of pipes for the frame, and I drew a square manually that defines the shape in the sweep component, but it went haywire. How can I fix this?

Curves HobNob.3dm (24.4 KB)
Glass Panels (11.0 KB)

Hi @Hobnob ,

  1. When given a straight line or a curved S curve as shown in your screenshot, those are a single curve element. The “sharp”/bent curve is a Polyline aka curve made of multiple line segments. While some components work similarly on the two different types of curves this is not always the case.

  2. Since you are creating a surface and then subdividing said surface, it matters what the structure of the original curve generating the surface is. If its a Polyline you’ll most likely be getting a poly surface and when you subdivide this it will produce different results than a surface generated from a single line or curve aka a single surface. There are things like network surfaces which can produce different results but generally as a rule of thumb, Polyline = poly surface, single line = surface.

  3. You can use the same profile to sweep for all paths or multiple profiles across multiple paths. Either way, critically you should ensure your data trees match branch count/depth between your Rail and Section inputs on the sweep component, you may need to graft these inputs as well.

  4. Make sure that the profile you want to sweep is oriented to the direction of the rail you are sweeping along for EACH instance of the rail.

As a simple example, if you draw a rectangle frame to sweep, orient it from the plane it was drawn in to the plane of the curve direction of the rail.

A window :window: divided in 4 parts would have as few as 6 rails or more depending on how it was divided.

This means you need to get the curve frames for each of these lines dividing the surface and have your section profile oriented to each of these so that each curve Rail gets a “locally” oriented duplicate of your profile to sweep.

Hope that helps!

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