Glass, Chrome and other reflective material rendering without an HDRI

Rhino is actually really good at compositing a model into a photo set as a wallpaper if ground plane is enabled and just the shadow is selected.
Its an outdoor shot of a road, so I am using the sun as a light source.
The problem is that without an HDRI, some materials have no idea what to reflect from the Photo. Chrome, polished aluminum and glass being the main problems for me.

Is there some clever way I can use an HDRI to provide this information for the render but not have it be the background. That way I can select an HDRI with similar lighting and tress etc and it will more than good enough.

As noted in this thread,

HDRI’s are mostly shot at waist level and so sitting a vehicle on the ground is virtually impossible in all but a few limited scenes :frowning:

I answered you in the other thread but I gotta ask, is your goal renders that look ‘real’ or like real auto photography? 'Cause if it’s the latter, those things are photoshopped to Hell and back, they’re a composite of a dozen photos with different lighting so that every square inch looks “perfect,” not “real.” CG lets you get more out of each pass, but it still comes down to that.

Something that looks real, ie not obviously a model applied to a picture. Not a magazine submission )

As @JimCarruthers alludes, these days hardly any image goes out the door without having received any postpro. This goes for even your regular mug shot, but professional photographers will do a lot of postpro on their pictures. As will most of the 3D people, from stills to animations.

Obviously the fewer steps needed to get the preferred end result the better, but at least these days still one should always prepare to postpro and composite a lot.

Rhino isn’t a compositing, nor a postpro tool. And adding such functionality would mean adding code worthy of several programs.

Aynway, to repeat @JimCarruthers ’ answer in the other thread for those who don’t feel like clicking through:

Set a custom reflection environment, possibly even custom skylight environment to use the HDRi you want instead of just the backplate showing in the wallpaper.