Give thickness

Hi there, im trying to give thickness to this figure, i extrude the faces to the outside but i would like the edges touch it other asi i show youn in this picture below
Or does anyone have an idea of how i can give thicknes to the figure?
I also post the 3d, in case someone could give me a hand. Thank u:)

12-05.3dm (4.8 MB)

I guess you’re looking for shell command:

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Join the surfaces into a single polysurface.
OffsetSrf the polysurface with the desired thickness.
The result will be a polysurface spaced the desired thickness from the input polysurface.

Rhino models surfaces, not volumes. A solid in Rhino is modeled as a closed surface/polysurface with no naked edges. A naked edge is an edge of a surface or polysurface which is not joined to another edge. This means that the two polysurfaces will be independent.

One way to create a single volume is to create a hole connecting the two polysurfaces. This is what the Shell command does.

What will the offset surface be used for?