Wish : Number slider should have an input to determine the maximum value

Hi all,

Like this just crossed my mind that a number slider should have an input say for example list length or count that can determine a domain for the slider.

I don’t know if that’s even possible

-Aditya J

like this?

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I believe @adityajain30120 asks for having two inputs that you can hook up wires to and determine the min and max values of the domain of a slider.

I have been asking about this for years.
I ended up creating one of my own with GhPython which performance is bad as each component has to read/write values from the sticky dictionary then modify the min and max of a selected slider expiring these components.

It’s a buggy process because slider breaks very easy if you’re not careful what its current number value is when changing the domain.

I believe with c# you can make all this much better (not csharp script, an actual compiled component) but I still hate c# now as I did back when I first requested this :rofl:

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Maybe it could have that - preferably inside some ZUI, so it doesn’t show when it is not needed.
Right now you can achieve that with MetaHopper plugin.

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Try this:
SetSliderMin&&Max.gh (7.4 KB)


Hi @603419608,

I am doing pretty much the same thing, but…

  1. This is not a single slider with inputs. It’s a workaround.
  2. Try hooking up that in a chain. e.g. take this component triplicate it. Now you have (1), (2) and (3). Hook (1).output into (2).min. Hook (2).output into (1).max as well as to (3).min. Also (3).output into (2).max.

And you’ll see the issue that forced me to use sticky.

Then after resolving the problem with sticky, try to hook that chain of sliders that define this chain of values to Galapagos. And see sliders getting broken. :smiley: