Give control points on the surface

i would like to add a command to the grasshopper to give control points and be able to keep scaling individual points like marked in the photo attached. in other words , i want to make an area of the model narrow and a part wider and so on to distort the symmetry in the 3d model . How do i do this ? and thanks in advance (10.9 KB)

This might be not what you expect, anyway, here’s another approach of doing similar… (11.8 KB)


It is actually close to what i wanted so thank you . i have a question please , the triangle panels don’t show unless i bake the last command but unfortunately they don’t appear in the rendered form , so how could i show the triangles? and thanks in advance


Random radii can easily be arranged. If you want each vertex point to be independently random, that’s more work? (25.4 KB)


Sounds like you are having a mesh edge display problem…
In GH, you can check Display–>Preview Mesh Edges(Ctrl+M).

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Thank you so much . I am just trying to understand how to change the scale of a single polygon without changing the others with it . For example , the square at the top , how do i make it narrower ?

yes it did solve the problem , thank you so much .
i have another question please , i added a third circle with a different radius. However the pattern is always circle 0 , circle 1, then circle 2 . so could i change the pattern at some point ? for example , make it 0,1,2 then 1,2,0 ?
and thanks in advance

The code was designed to alternate between ‘Radius’ and ‘Scale’ times ‘Radius’. You could specify radius per floor, but that requires a separate slider for each floor. (24.9 KB)

Or you could make radius random: (25.1 KB)

Of course, you can join all the floors together and Cap Holes to make a solid.

P.S. And/or you can get each floor directly using the cluster ‘Poly’ output.


this is really helpful . thank you so much. (14.9 KB)

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thank you very much!!