Gifting an old but well stocked MacPro to a friend who plans to use it for Rhino.-- Need configuration advice

I am giving my old MacPro 5,1 to a friend that uses Rhino on Windows currently. What it has:

  • dual 6 core Xeon 5560 processors (24 total threads, 2.66GHz/3.04GHz turbo)
  • 128GB of ECC RAM
  • 1TB of NVMe SSD
  • 120GB of PCI/AHCI SSD (Boot drive)
  • 1TB of SATA SSD
  • 4-8TB of 7200 RPM Disk drives (still working through this)

GPU options: FirePro W7000, AMD RX 580, or maybe a quadro K5000 or a GTX 1060
Operating System Options: Windows 10 Pro or MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave)

What GPU and OS will serve him best? Will the 12 2.66 GHz CPU cores be sufficient? I could upgrade to 3.4GHz CPUs but it will be a risky operation that could brick the whole system.

Settled on a Quadro K4200 as it is the most affordable Quadro GPU that will work on both Mac and Windows.

Upgrading CPUs to 3.33GHz (3.6Ghz turbo)
Upgrading Boot drive to NVMe 1TB drive.

I would hope 12 3.33GHz cores, 128GB of RAM and 1344 cuda cores will allow him to get some work done on either platform.