Ghpython script to move geometry in z direction

Hi I am trying to generate a Ghpython script to move my field lines in the z direction. I have divided the curve on the field points to input the Ghpython script as my x and y input. Can someone help me create a script to 1. move lines in z direction and 2. loft so that the lines are connected to the base.
Field (17.1 KB)

Perhaps something like this.

I’ve disabled the Loft component at the end for visualization (and it’s rather slow).

Not sure why you want to do this with Python, same can be accomplished with native components (added option to rotate as well).

Field (22.6 KB)


Hey, Kevin thanks for the help. My question wasn’t clear. I am trying to create a hill form - from the field lines created so that it could look like a topography. The terrain is in 2D and I wanted it to resemble a gradual slope. I am able to achieve it using native components but id like to use ghpython script for efficiency. so with the circles seen, my idea was to bring the circles field lines higher and then gradually the lines flow downwards. Almost resembling a crater actually.