Ghpython Input name

Is it possible when the value changed than the name of input changed?

0 >> Option1
1 >> Option2
2 >> Option3 …


I do not think this is possible in an efficient way, without going into some heavy GH-canvas manipulations.

Why do you want to do this? Is this for fnctiunality or aesthetic reasons?

I tried to use angle input but from another thread it is impossible with python, i thought changing name will be a solution but i found another way with using boolean.
Ghpython is limited

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The only way I know is by adding and removing parameters similar to robots plugin (c#)

Thank you , i have no idea with c# and some features can not done by Ghpython.
By the way can you add a quick graph component with x,y inputs to your tools , it is useful to show graphs without draw them in rhino, i tried but i have 0 knowledge with c#; System.Drawing… etc

I’m not entirely sure I follow, but these properties might point you in the right direction: (2.3 KB)

I’d agree that this is likely an unnecessary solution though. There’s probably simpler approaches to whatever your dataflow problem is.


Thank you this is very useful , i will check it

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Work great thank you

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I forget to call ghenv.Component.Params.OnParametersChanged() by the way. Probably best to call this after fiddling with the parameter.

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