GHPython Default Type Hint



Hi @piac,

This is something that’s kinda been bothering me for years, but have never really thought to bring up: Seeing as how I prefer to almost always develop GHPython component using No Type Hints, and the default type is:

I’m going through this sub-menu quite a lot during the day. Would it be possible to have the default be No Type Hint or perhaps being able to set a default on a per user basis?



Declare variable type without using "type hint"?
(Alain Cormier) #6


That would be useful.
It’s logged here.



Brilliant, cheers Alain :raised_hands:


or defined inside the code


You can already do that by getting the input params and setting their properties within the script. That was not really the point I was getting at though (i.e. to hit the GHPython/RhinoCommon ground running with minimal manual fiddling/clicking/typing).