Rhino 8 Script Editor Default Type Hint

Hi @eirannejad,

I just noticed that the default type hint in the new script editor (CPython and IronPython) unfortunately has been changed back from No Type Hint to ghdoc Object. We had a four year long discussion about this topic for GHPython back here:

In brief, I’d much prefer if either (in order of preference):

  1. The default type hint was No Type Hint.
  2. There was an option to set the default type hint (e.g. under Grasshopper menu).
  3. The GHPython neighbour inheritance behaviour (is clunky, but works ok).




  1. As far as I am aware the legacy GHPython component uses ghobject as a default hint. This screenshot is from latest Rhino 7

  1. I do not see this option either. Where is that? I can implement it in the editor

RH-82009 Allow setting default Hint for python script component

  1. What is neighbour inheritance?