Ghosted Components, not visibile until you zoom very high

I can’t see anymore the component I insert in the canvas, they are there but do not show until I zoom very high on them.
I restarted everything but same result.
Components already there are visibile at the same zoom level
Any idea?

Rhino7 and Grasshopper 1.0.0007

weird thing!
I opened a new grasshopper file and everything was ok until I inserted a “Range” component.
Than range was ghosted and all the component fro there too

Found the problem!
“Graph Mapper” “graph Type: Bezier2” any other graph tipe works well, Selecting Bezier2, will make the new components disappear.

when i am having weird issues like this an most of the time working solution was to copy paste everything in a new file. when you know the problematic component i would copy paste everything but the graph mapper and creat a new one in the new file - maybe this solves it

That Bezier 2 type has been causing all manner of display related issues. It seems to short circuit or possibly clip the display.

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