GH2 Merge Meta Data Limited To First Two Indices?

Is it correct that the “Merge Meta Data” node ignores all values after index 1?

Please see below snip where I attempt to merge 5 sets of data together.

When using the Merge Meta Data node it only merges 2 total values and ignores the other 3.
If I keep repeating the node I am successfully able to combine all data, though it does appear to ignore the order in which it was merged.

Is this expected behavior or a bug?

Thank you for your help!

Apologies @michaelvollrath, not related, but are you getting a bug with dark mode, like you have to switch it on then off to get it to work?

@arkadius.belov Yes it is bugged out for me as well in the latest WIP, I have to set the view to dark, then light, and back again.