GH update included notification?

Any chance the Rhino 6 “Update Available…” dialog could include a notification on whether a GH update is included, before installing? (Changelog viewable would be extra bonus)

I am developing scripts for a large number of users who could all have slightly different versions of Rhino/GH. Now that GH is tied to Rhino, we are going to see quite a few more instances of this unless I manage the versions carefully (which I plan to do):

It would just be nice to know before I install an update on my dev machine as to whether I will need to do version control on my deployment.


I second that. However if Rhinocommon breaks it even doesn‘t matter which GH Version is running

we usually solve this problem by not updating unless there are features in there, which are really relevant for us. Its just difficult to spot stable releases.
There is nothing more stupid as if a tested definition breaks in a new untested version on a definition develloped over weeks especially when facing a deadline. We have never updated Rh6 after purchasing, however we will at summer vacation, when most projects are closed or on hold. Actually Autodesk has a better strategy regarding updating in my oppinion. They usually provide them each 3 months, with a stronger focus on every second update.
I personally don‘t see a reason for monthbased or weekly updates, since this rather comes with negative aspects. Its nearly impossible to do bugfixing without creating new problems…

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