Grasshopper version history MIA for GH1.0?

This may seem like a small thing, but there are a number of deployment issues in GH1 that now require me to track updates to GH pretty closely (those issues will be outlined in separate post(s)). It would be great if the in-app version history could be updated on a regular basis, particularly now that users are no longer in control of updating GH independently of Rhino.

Finally – failing that – it would be nice to know where the version history lives on the web. I did some googling and couldn’t find it.



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I stopped updating that history document back when I thought that there would be little to no changes to GH1*, and forgot to pick it back up. Technically you can use YouTrack to find changes and in which versions they occurred, but that’s a real pain to do manually.

Another problem is that Grasshopper version numbers haven’t been rolled properly since the last 0.9 release. We did it a few times, but it certainly wasn’t often enough. I can try and amend the Version History document, but it will almost certainly be an incomplete update.

Logged under RH-46938.

* yeah, naive doesn’t even begin to describe it…


Thanks for logging the issue. Even if the previous updates are a bit vague but there is a system for logging this info reliably for future updates, that would be a big bonus. I am especially interested in seeing the changelog line item: Turned off multithreading by default when serializing older components and placing new components. :slight_smile:


It just occurred to me that the most valuable piece of information I can think of for the version history is whether GH was updated as part of the Rhino update (and the specific Rhino version numbers). I need this information to determine the lowest possible Rhino version that will be compatible with my GH definition, and then build my installer and deployment infrastructure accordingly.

For instance – on what version of Rhino did GH change to I am currently facing this issue, and it will continue to be a challenge without regular, recurring documentation and notifications.

This is related to this issue on GH update notifications.