How to download Grasshopper? Is that free?

I start learning Rhino and would like to download Grasshopper. Where can I download Grasshopper and if it’s free?

Rhino 6 has GrassHopper included.

Download for Rhino 5 / Mac:

// Rolf

If you’re using Rhino5, you can get the last version of Grasshopper for Rhino5 here for free. Note that this version is several years old and has many bugs that have since been fixed.

If you’re using Rhino6, Grasshopper is included by default. If you’re using Rhino on Mac, Grasshopper (albeit an old version) is included by default.

Thanks but the link of download is not working.

Yes, I had tried the official link but it’s not working.
As I am using Rhino 5, there is no grasshopper included.

Until the download is fixed, this is the most recent installer I found on our servers (but it’s a big place and I don’t really know where everything is kept, so I could easily have missed a folder with newer releases).

You can give that a try, then maybe update as soon as the real last 0.9 release is available again.

I don’t know if it is useful. On Rhino 5 my last version is
With a beautiful animation, still surprise :clap:

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Thank you so much and it works! So exciting!

Thanks and it works as well.

Thanks David,

I Just checked and the link for the last GH version for Rhino 5 is still down.

Im still using Rhino 5. But, since GH comes with Rhino 6 now, do the users have to keep updating GH with the new relases in Rhino 6 or is that done automatically?

Welcome @ralmatrahi,

Have you checked the link that Laurent has posted above? Seems to work for me. You just have to provide an email address.

Both on Windows and Mac, the latest version of Rhino 6 comes bundled with Grasshopper and both are updated mutually. There’s no need to update Grasshopper separately.

Now, if you’re still using Rhino 5 the latest Grasshopper version (i.e. 0.9…) might also be the last one. I don’t think that it’s going to be updated anymore (?).
Version 1.0 seems to be exclusive to Rhino 6!
If I’m not mistaken, Grasshopper 2 is going to be released with Rhino 7 (?).

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True, I may on occasion put a fix into GH for Rhino6, but only if it is really important and (hopefully) doesn’t break any behaviour people might rely upon.

I’m trying to not even put much work into GH1 for Rhino7.

It is not clear whether GH2 will start its beta process during the lifespan of R7, R8, or maybe during the beta of R8. Frequent updates are important during this phase so I can’t tie it to a commercially released version of Rhino which only updates once a month or less.

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Thank you for pointing that out… for some reason I did not notice the link!!

Yes, that is why I was wondering how GH is being updated for users that have it bundled with Rhino 6. Wasn’t sure how it works. For Rhino 6 and later, It sounds like GH updates can only be pushed when there is a Rhino update? or is it not like that.
David, do you still post an announcement when there is a new GH update (rhion6), like you use to do prior to Rhino 6 on the old forum? Past couple years I have been working on other software, so I haven’t been keeping up.

It is exactly like that.

No. It’s technically possible to search YouTrack now and find all the publicly posted items which have been merged into a specific version, but there’s no publicly maintained list.