GH UI fps issue with Karamba components

It seems that Karamba GH components are being “rendered” for the UI even when they are not visible. This means that the larger the Karamba-script gets, the slower it becomes to navigate. At some point, this actually becomes so slow, that it slows down the workflow.

The normal GH behavior is to only render components for the UI that are currently visible. The canvas redraw speed is close to 75fps when opening an empty GH document. With an exemplary 500+ component document, the canvas redraw speed remains at 75fps when zooming into an empty area. (Of course it gets slower in the denser areas)

When taking a Karamba file - for instance the Zollamtsteg from the Website - the redraw speed drops to 36fps. When duplicating (for demonstration purposes) the exemplary file, the fps are cut in half and so on.

I already talked about this issue with @curtisw, who said that this bug needs to be fixed by the plugin devs. @karamba3d, could you have a look at this? I believe Curtis knows where the bottleneck lies, we had a similar issue with the Telepathy plugin…

This issue happens on macOS as well as Windows.

Has it been fixed for telepathy ?

Hello @rudolf.neumerkel,
thanks for posting the issue. We will try to solve this as soon as possible.
– Clemens

Yes, it was not being actively developed anymore, but Curtis managed to fix it via GitHub. That’s why there is a version 1.0.1 :smiley:

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Thanks a lot Clemens, hope the fix is not too cumbersome :building_construction:

Hello @rudolf.neumerkel,
do you know where I can find the Telepathy Repo? On Github there is only GitHub - andrewheumann/humanui but no Telepathy.

Hey Clemens sure thing:

One should be able to see the fix in 1.0.1 right? (I am not so familiar with GitHub yet…)

– Clemens