GH training with Mac Beta

Has anyone tried any of the beginner online GH classes using the Mac beta? I’ve been told ( by Max Fugier) that the description is out of date and that it is now ok? I got a lot out of the Rhino 1 and 2 classes and have been looking forward to digging into GH.

Hi Robert,
Good to hear from you.

Yesterday, you found a place in the web description that still said "requires Rhino for Windows."
It was totally an oversight, and we appreciate your bringing it to our attention.
I have now updated it to match the GoToTraining registration page.
You can see the class description here.

We started noticing as soon as ExplicitHistory was released in the Mac WIP, we had students in the online and classroom training in Seattle and Miami that wanted to use the WIP. We said fine, just be aware we may find a bug or two. It has actually gone very well, in our opinion. But yes it would be great to hear what others on the Forum have experienced, as well.

So this our new policy for Grasshopper training.
Note: Grasshopper for Windows is recommended and will be used by the instructor in the training. Students are welcome to use the Grasshopper for Mac but need to aware that it is WIP and may not have all the features of the Grasshopper plugin for Windows at the time of the training.

Hope it helps.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

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@mary and @dan I do feel confortable teaching GH 101 with both, PC and Mac OS…