Gh python remote

is there anyone who can install gh remote Pythob and succeed and can share the steps that I can follow, because I have followed the readme but failed

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The installation process now works with Rhino 6, and modern pip versions.

Quick installation commands, to run from your preferred Python virtual environment:

pip install gh-python-remote --upgrade --no-binary=:all:python -m ghpythonremote._configure_ironpython_installation

If you are upgrading from a previous version, you should:

  • Update pip to the current version, the package is now compatible with it
  • In your grasshopper definitions, update the gh-python-remote user module to the new one, and use the new example files
  • If your were using obtain and deliver in your scripts, change references rpyc.utils.classic.obtain and rpyc.utils.classic.deliver to ghpythonremote.obtain and ghpythonremote.deliver . Also change import rpyc to from ghpythonremote import rpyc .

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thank you sir i will try it