Installing library pandas python

can anyone give me a tutorial to install the python pandas library or something like that? thanks


Pandas, numpy and other such CPython modules don’t work in IronPython (the version of python built into Rhino and Grasshopper) unfortunately.

Some people have been successful with GHPython remote in GrassHopper- I havent tried it. Other options include Rhino Inside python and Rhino3dm…


thank you sir I will try to use GHPython remote

To be clear, GHPython remote is only for python 2.7 and won’t handle the v3.
So, we cannot tap into external python libraries or extract data directly from hardware like arduinos. Best we could do is read the serial port, but inability to use Pandas or numpy is needed for processing? Any other Approaches to get live hardware data into GH?

# Your python code here
import board

Hi @robe5177,
GH_CPython supports both cpython 2 and 3: