GH Plugin issues and compute

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for the explanation. We are currently developing a web application using compute.rhino3d + compute.rhino3d.appserver to parse our .gh definition. However, we are using a plugin (Discover - optimization tool) in our definition that doesn’t seem to be being read by Resthopper. This plugin serves it’s API from a localhost endpoint. Would creating our own server cloning the repo to our Rhino WIP mean that Discover’s functionalities would be read by Resthopper? If so, can you detail the process - or point me to documentation that explains how to do it?

Thanks and sorry for digging this up - didn’t want to create unnecessary new topics.

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@kotto_97 Can you explain a bit more what you are working on? From what I can interpret, you have a second api (Discover) and an associated GH add-on which calls this API. Is this correct? If you want them to talk to each other, your api code needs to be accessible to Rhino.Compute by either being installed on the same server or otherwise. Your GH add-on needs to be installed on the Rhino.Compute server.