GH: Locking UI-Goups? & Responsive (two-way) data Sliders?

Q1: Is it possible to lock GH components or groups on the canvas?

Q2: Is it possible to make a feedback loop of data to the Sliders and MD controllers?

Regarding “two-way” data sliders: I have time and time again realized how I want to make User Interactive CAD objects where the user can orient the objects using both OSnap & other Rhino CAD commands for moving & rotating objects, but also by using sliders for the final precision nudging, etc. After the manual positioning - which can be combined with some GH automagics, GrassHopper would take over the control of the transformations, aso.

The main goal is to reduce the requirement for precision in all the manual Mouse & Keyboard interactions.

// Rolf

A1: Sorry no. Locking component properties is something that will probably be available in GH2, but I haven’t typed anything in this direction yet.

A2: Nope. I understand what you’re looking to do and I’d love to have that sort of functionality, but it’s not do-able within GH1, at least not without a major amount of hacking. Having GH geometry be actual Rhino objects that can be transformed using regular commands while still exposing some of the input constraints as control-points or slider is something that was discussed a long time ago, and although everyone is basically in favour of it it wasn’t done for GH1 because it was just too much work and might possibly require SDK breakages in Rhino. It’s still on the table and in fact the VisualArq guys did a pretty good job with their own GH objects, but it’s long term stuff at best.