GH_IO.dll licensing

Hi all!
I have a question about the license of GH_IO.dll library. I have found very old posts saying it was under
GNU General Public and I wanted to be certain it was still the case. It also says in the API reference that it is independent from Grashhopper.dll and Rhino_common.dll and could be used for unrelated project, but not sure what that means in terms of license.

I am asking because I would like to know if it is ok to reference that library in a project and ship it (obviously with all due credits!).

Thank you very much for your attention.

Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi,

Grasshopper falls under the same license agreement as Rhino.

GH_IO.dll is not licensed under GNU General Public, and you may not distribute it with some application you write.

You may not distribute any portion of the Software or materials accompanying the Software.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

this does conflict with the information in the McNeel Wiki, where both GH_IO.dll and GH_Viewer.exe are described as being licensed under the GNU Public license:

If this wiki is an official source from McNeel, it should probably be updated to reflect the licensing changes of the GH_IO.dll and if possible a reasoning on that change could be given.


Thank you for the answer @dale , much appreciated. It’s too bad but at least we know for sure :sweat_smile: . We would have wanted to be able to convert gh to ghx on the backend of our service, but we’ll keep that client side if there is no better way.
@lando.schumpich that is precisely the information I was refering to and I agree with you.

@lando.schumpich, I am not familiar with this page. @brian, @DavidRutten - can you help here?