.gh files = Open with... Grasshopper?

I have some .gh files and I want to open them directly from Finder, but I can’t find any way to associate gh files to be automatically opened with Grasshopper.

Can this feature be implemented in RhinoWIP?

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Also will be nice to associate the .gha component files to be opened and installed the same way from Finder.

totally agree

Hi Mascuso!

I completely agree. This is on our list (RH-37029). Check out the complete list of Grasshopper for Mac bugs on our radar.

PS: Also, just in case you missed it, there’s a Grasshopper for Mac category on this forum too.

Good to see some progress!

I thought I’m on the Mac category of the forum. This is what I see in my browser:

Meantime I found a good solution for Windows users:

GHLauncher 1.1.0 Introduction

You are, but if you click the pen icon next to the topic, then open the dropdown for category you can scroll down, find and select the category that says Grasshopper GH for Mac (with two different coloured labels)