GH door style, several questions

I am working on a GH definition for a door style and I have just encountered several problems…
The first one: the arc in the door 2D symbol is not visible, although it is linked to the geometry container; the preview of the GH definition also contains it…

Then, is there any description how the door definition should be oriented according to the World CPlane? I mean, how should be a leaf oriented? I know, the insertion point is at the midpoint of the door definition, but how should be the leaf oriented in the definition? In the (-X, -Y) quarter? And such position is for what door, a right or left one?
Then (but maybe it is a more general question), how could I arrange text description of the style to keep it aligned in a normal way? At a layout screen you can see the text is upside down… Is it possible to align it automatically?
Then, can I add a VA tag as a description element? I mean, could be there for example %<>% tag and could it be dynamic?
That’s it for now, but I could have a bit more question :wink:
Regards, Jaro

Hi Jerry,
Was the arc assigned to the Plan representation of the door? In that case it will only be visible in Plan views (Top viewports with the Cut plane activated in the Level where the door is located.) If this is the case, just assign the arc to the Model representation and it will be visible either in 3D as in Plan views.

The door must be aligned with the X axis and placed taking its bottom middle point in the 0,0,0 coordinates.
Saying that, when you create a door from a GH definition, the opening side is a parameter that doesn’t exist in the door unless you create it. So it’s under your control how you want to define it.


The text should be oriented correclty to the view regardless of the door opening side or position. We will revise this.

The tag reference text only works with the native properties of VisualARQ objects. It still doens’t work with custom parameters or parameters coming from GH styles. I’ll let you know when this option is available. In the meantime you can just replace the formula %<>% (in the Tag Formula field) by the text to display.

Francesc, thank you for your reply!
I have just sent you a GH file, take a look at it, I may be doing something wrong…
Still, I cannot get an arc and descriptions are not properly aligned.
Regards, Jaro

OK, that’s it for now with the definition, but I have another question: I am trying to get an opening elevation (for a door created with my GH definition) and nothing happens… I am clicking on a door, pointing elevation start and end points and that’s, nothing happens. An elevation for a regular door works perfectly… What is wrong with this style?
Regards, Jaro

Hi Jaro, unfortunately the openings created from GH styles or from blocks are not showing up with the Opening Elevation command. This is something we are planning to fix in future versions, so I’ll let you know when it’s done.

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Hi Jaro,
This option is finally available! VisualARQ 2.11 available - VisualARQ
In order to do so, you need to write the following syntax in the tag content: %<element.parameters[“ParameterName”]>%
Check this out in the following example.

@jerry.bakowski that’s an old issue, but it has been finally fixed in VisualARQ 2.12.5 version!