Gh becomes unresponsive for a few seconds


GH hangs or becomes unresponsive while trying assigning the objects (curves, breps) by first selecting them in Rhino.

(Dan Belcher) #2

I’m unable to reproduce this lag. Can you share a definition (.gh) file where you are seeing this behavior?

Can you please provide some additional information? Please navigate to Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More info… > Copy to clipboard and paste the content back into a reply here.

(Also, when you get the chance, it’s a good idea to review this topic - your feedback helps us a lot)



Hi Dan
This is not related to the definition and it is not constant, (quite often though) but maybe there is something else that causes delays .take V (157.6 KB)

(Dan Belcher) #4

Thanks for the definition. I’m still unable to reproduce this lag with this definition. I would simply repeat the request above for more information…perhaps I can find a similar system and testing configuration to what you are using to reproduce the issue.