Getting the plugin license infos

Hi, I created a plugin using the rhino/zoo license system, it works nicely but I can’t find anywhere how to access my plugin license infos from my code.

For example, I would like to to read plugin.licenseData.SerialNumber from a command, and change its behavior accordingly. (I don’t get why licensedata is not a member of Mycommand.plugin)

Thanks for your help

Hi Mattieu,

If you want access to your plug-in’s license data, then you should save the data generated by your plug-in’s Rhino.PlugIns.ValidateProductKeyDelegate delegate in some private data structure on your plug-in, so it can be retrieved to show in some UI later.

Make sense?

– Dale

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Thanks Dale I got it, it’s working nicely. I had this idea earlier but I was wondering if it were the best approach. (Like reading data from rhino license manager)

Another related question: when the user is asked for a product key, there are also two other fields: “Name” & “Organization”. How can I retrieve these infos in Rhino.PlugIns.ValidateProductKeyDelegate ?


If you need these values to display is some UI, then just call PlugIn.GetLicenseOwner. Note, you’d call this after you’ve obtained a license.

– Dale

Ok, but can’t I use these values during the license validation? I wish to validate together the couple Name + Product Key

Currently no. The only data passed to your validator is the product license code.

Just curious, aren’t your product licenses unique? Just trying to understand why you need the user/company name too…

– Dale

The main idea was to avoid clients to share too easily their product key.
I think Rhino3D’s activation does this: it ask for an email adress matching the product key.

Anyway it’s fine, I’ll just use the product key.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards


Hi @dale,
Anything new regarding to this limitation? I’ve got a new license provider API that requires matching an email with a product key, and It would really help if I can get those from the plugin.getlicense() UI (Rhino6)
If it is still not possible, do you know if getlicense can be called without UI? In that case I would just use my own form. The idea is to keep the compatibility with zoo

Yes, you will need to do this, as there hasn’ been any changes to the API in this area.

– Dale

Yes, you will need to do this, as there hasn’ been any changes to the API in this area

Ok, how do I keep the compatibility with zoo then? Can I call getlicense() without UI?

Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

Sorry no, there is no scripted or command line version of Plugin.GetLicense. The function will always display a UI as needed.

– Dale