How do I get the owner and org entered in the plugin license dialog?

I’m trying to add licensing to my plugin using the GetLicense method. This shows a dialog box with fields for owner, organization, and product key. However, the ValidateProductKeyDelegate delegate only gets the product key as an argument. I tried calling GetLicenseOwner in there, but this returns what I think must be the information entered for the Rhino license, not what I enter in the dialog immediately before delegate is called. Is there a way to get that information?

Edit: I found an .lic file which I think must have been associated with my plugin. After I removed it, GetLicenseOwner now returns false, regardless of what I enter in the textboxes.

Hi @Max_Eskin,

A quick look at the source would indicate that this should work. Do you have a plug-in that I can test with? Feel free to send me a pm…

– Dale