Getting the full mesh topology through a C# node

Please tell me how you can create a node on a ั# so that you can get the entire topology on the mesh in one node at once?

I could only make lists of finding adjacent faces and edges on faces, for this I have to enter a list of face indices. I think you can do something better and get the list inside the node. those at the entrance to submit only the mesh and receive all the information on it. (7.3 KB)

I know itโ€™s not what you asked, but in case itโ€™s useful you can use the Mesh Topology component of Peacock and use Tree Branch to select the i-face related topology in the Face related outputs.

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Dani_Abalde, thank you very much for the node, I used it, but for some reason in it the list of edges differs from the list of edges obtained by the standard node, or am I doing something wrong?

I am mastering C Sharp and decided to write my own component, but not everything works out for me ((

The original order of the mesh edges has nothing to do with their valence, so if you merge the list of edges with valence 1, then valence 2 and then valence 3 or more, you will not have the same order as the original collection (returned by the Mesh type), which is the one that returns my component. The GH component breaks the order of the edges to filter by valency, but you can get the same information (edges and naked edges) with my component.