Getting Local Texture Mapping in Custom Texture

Hello guys,

i’m tackling an issue with applying mapping transform during the evaluation of texture:

This seem to work only if i set in code (in particular in RenderTexture constructor) sth like:

SetProjectionMode(TextureProjectionMode.MappingChannel, ChangeContexts.Ignore);
SetMappingChannel(1, ChangeContexts.Ignore);
SetRepeat(new Vector3d(4, 4, 4), ChangeContexts.Ignore);
SetOffset(new Vector3d(.2, .2, .2), ChangeContexts.Ignore);
SetRotation(new Vector3d(1, 5, -5), ChangeContexts.Ignore);

But when i try to manupulate channel by hand in texture mapping panel nothing happens like the tranform would never be updated.

Besides im unable to bring Texture Mapping section it never shows up:

ModifyRenderContentStyles( RenderContentStyles.LocalTextureMapping, RenderContentStyles.TextureSummary);

Also is there any good reason for fact why only TwoColorRenderTexture can have additional UI sections and standard RenderTexture can’t ?

I know Nathan will be offline for a while so @dale would you mind doing a small research on this topic?

@nathanletwory, is this something you can help with?

– Dale

Hi @dale,

as i wrote i’m aware that @nathanletwory is not reachable for a while so i asked for your help, and if you could try get this working since i’m out of luck with those above. Would you mind just checking if TextureMapping section is availible for you and if manipulating mapping channel gives any changes for you. If not i will just suspend this until Nathan will be availible and have enough time to elaborate on those.