Texture Mapping in Rhino 5 Mac

I’m having texture mapping issues with Rhino 5 for Mac.

1.) The texture mapping widget does not yet exist per Rhino customer support. When will this be added?

2.) Why are there channels involved with every texture mapping modification? It doesn’t seem to be saving my channels correctly and makes the whole texture mapping process more lengthy and difficult. To be honest, I can’t even figure out what the channels are doing.

The MappingWidget and MappingWidgetOff commands can be used now to view the mapping widget

This is intended to allow the use of different mapping methods for different textures within a single material. It’s not working well right now so I filed a couple bug reports to hopefully make this easier to use. Thanks for the feedback

Ok, I’m using the mapping widget now and it works for one object but when I
try to use the same widget for another object it doesn’t seem to work right
but I imagine that has to do with the channel bugs you mentioned. Thank you
very much for the quick response and further investigation, much