Getting Legend Components with Rhino Inside


how could I get the Legend Components from Revit using Rhino.Inside?

I can create a legend in Revit for elements like windows by simply getting their geometry and transforming it into a group of 2D lines and then export it back to Revit, instead of using their legend components.

However, if I want to do the same for system families like walls it does not fully work. I can obtain the wall with its different layers and then transform that geometry in Rhino into something similar to a legend component by using Make 2D and “trimming” it, but without the hatches that correspond to the different layers. Unfortunately, this would not work, because it would require to manually draw the hatches later in Revit with detail lines.

If it is not possible to get the legend components, would it be possible something like exporting the walls to Rhino including the hatches of the wall’s layers? I know the question implies getting a 3D element like a wall including a 2D element like the hatch…

Thanks in advance.

I understand what you are trying to do but need to look at some of the options.

Legends aren’t well supported in the Revit API and it creates some unique elements.

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