Dynamic Legends in Rhino

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Having used ArcGIS and Qgis recently for school, I am wondering if dynamic legends can be implemented in rhino?

Often, a quick diagram can be created in rhino with hatches, but it takes a fair amount of time to make the legends manually either in Rhino or in Illustrator etc.

To have a dynamic legend and key such as in the GIS software would save a lot of time.


You could use Elefront to reference all hatches by type and get hatch patterns and user attributes. From there it’s pretty easy to generate a list of swatches, names and descriptions. I threw together a quick example, not pretty though…

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You could also use Elefront to just reference the layer names those hatches are sitting on.

BTW there are also great Grasshopper Plugins for GIS, for example Heron. It allows you to work with .shp and OSM data and you can automate a lot of analysis (or things like a legend) with grasshopper.

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