Getting a specific Loft shape

I’m trying to loft a set of curves like this picture the line in red,
I’ve tried changing the loft options but i only get a result like the blue line


if anyone could help that would be great

you should model the initial curves you are lofting to look like the red lines (concave) .

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Thank you very much

can you send me the definition ?

It’s so much easier, less ambiguous and more informative when code is posted, don’t you agree?
So why didn’t you post your code? (17.5 KB)

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It was part of a bigger project but here is the code I’ve succeeded by dividing the form into 2 seperate lofts but your method is better i just didn’t want to start over thank you for your help

Form (16.9 KB)

Your geometry (list of points) is not internalized.

P.S. It looks like you need to know about Dispatch.

Sorry about that forgot to internalize.
I will look up the dispatch. and if you got any tutorials for it that would be appreciated
thank you for the response

Form (15.8 KB)

I tried to stop but couldn’t help myself. This is simplified and improved (more control, better shape).

Form (18.0 KB)

BEFORE: (below)

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Simplified further:

Form (18.3 KB)

One more minor simplification - replace Vec2Pt and Amp (Amplitude) with a negative Z vector for bending the roof curves:

Form (17.6 KB)

wow it looks great, thank you for your time