Get skeleton more organic

Well … think that the majority of WOW AEC stuff these days is done in countries where a robust Design contract (thus any claims from your part … etc etc) has no realistic meaning. The only way that you can do things is … well … a steady/happy client.

On the other hand at BID phase (if the project is due to a direct invitation) exposing some prelimirary stuff requires a few seconds (meaning that the paramount various versions/alternatives/etc … require a minute).

Is kinda saying/hoping that Honda is going to do the next Fireblade like the immortal Tadao Baba original: impossible since back then Honda was a Company while now is a Corporation.

If you work for clients, then this is for sure the most important.

Er … what is the alternative for that? working for Aliens maybe? (i.e. for Elon).

I like the idea of ​​creating things mainly just for myself and possibly making them available to others later.


Sounds interesting! Any timeframe for the release? I would appreciate if you could notify my once it is available…