Get schedule totals from Revit inside Rhino

Dear friends,

I have some schedules in Revit with values of totals that I wanted to pull inside grasshopper so I could display them. I tried to find something on the internet before coming here but couldn’t find anything. I am really lost in doing that. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


There is no component to do that, but you can query the elements listed on the schedule, get the parameter value and compute totals yourself.

Yes kike you are right. This is exactly what I am doing right now. Although I’m having some trouble in getting some parameter values from Revit. For example, in material identity component I cant get the cost value. It seems to be something that has to be fixed. I tried with a bunch of materials but I always get a null value. I also have no idea of how I cant get material application area (in green).

Just found how to get the area.
Revit>elements>material quantities