Viewport location on a Sheet

Not offhand, i’ll see what’s available.

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Question 1: You can get the bounding box of the element. (13.1 KB)

Question 2. There was a similar question answered by Jeremy Tammik (the building coder)

Question 3. You can access to the views revision data by using the GetAllRevisionIds Method

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Super helpful! Thanks a lot Japhy!

Hey Kike, for the first example of Schedule, is there a way in RiR to get the data inside a schedule?

The example i provide gets the data from the schedule, no?

Here is a previous reply on schedule data.

A quick google will get you a similar answer…

Thank you Japhy, I am still in the process of learning C#, very hard for me to Transfer Revit API to grasshopper environment, but I am ongoing.

For the GetAllRevisionIds() method, I got a ID but it can’t be read by query Element by ID.

I assume it is the id of the Revisions, but couldn’t get it by “Query Element(ID)” .

that should work, perhaps close the editor and rerun?

Don’t know how to get the “Real” ID Code, but I converted it to string in GH and it worked.

Hi @hali,

We have added a new component in v1.12 to work with Revisions on Sheet information.

looks perfect!

Sorry Guys, I am back to this topic. It is mainly about get element from a sheet. In the previous discussion, @kike showed me how to do it with “Query View Elements”. It works well in revit’s sample file. I tried it in our project today, found that even I am only trying to do it for one sheet, it takes 5 seconds. and I have like 100 sheets to check.

It seems for this “Query View Elements” component every time there is some change from Revit side it runs again and will re-render the view again. I feel that is why it takes so long to run. Is there a way to get the info without re-render the view?

Query view elements accepts a filter as well. Try and find what is causing the slowdown by looking at each category (cset from the 5 second on to check what categories are available)

They Japhy, I did the test. In the script, I am querying element from Sheets and there are only 3 categories: Title Block, ViewPort, Schedule Graphics. I tested them separated and each of them have similar compute time (4-6 seonds).

Also, for Query View Elements, is there a difference between using Category input and Category filter?

190 sheets took 1.4 m, then the response time was minimal, can use a slider even Can you try that?

yeah, I tried the slider. Not sure why it is that fast from your side. I have 45 sheets and it takes my script and laptop about 7 mins to run through them. Also, when I have certain changes in Revit, it will run again and take another 7 mins.

What info exactly are you looking to get from the Query View Elements?


View ports on sheets and Revision Cloud on sheets are the info I care the most from Sheets. Here are the issues:

  1. If I don’t use the slider and use a “global” Query View Elements, it takes 7.6 mins to run.
  2. Without the “global” Query View Elements, each sheet takes 3-17 second to get the info.
  3. Every time I make some changes from Revit, everything will run again. (This can be avoid by locking the solver)

The attached gif shows how it is with no “global” Query View Elements. Every time I change the slider, the one sheet as input will render again. You can see from the left bottom corner. That triggered my question that if it is possible to just get the info without re-render the view.