Modify Adaptative Component Elements

Hi all,

Is there any way to modify Revit adaptative component elements that are inside a project via grasshopper?

I’ll try to explain better:

I have a series of elements, which have been built using adaptive components, specifically, the input data for each element is a series of points that builds the geometry of the element.

Now I have to modify the coordinates of the points and update some parameters, but I don’t want the ID of the element in Revit to change, since I have text tags associated with these elements.

Is there a way to extract the coordinates of these construction points and replace them with the new points keeping the element ID in Revit?

Thank you very much in advance

Yup! they are location points that can be given new values.

Here i made a quick 4 point adaptive family and used the Element Dependents component to get the 4 points (after culling the null), then moved the plane of the point with a standard move.

Here’s a little cleaner method, using the Element Name text length to remove the empty value.


Hi Japhy,

Thank you very much for the quick response.

I was trying something similar this afternoon but, I don’t know why, Revit was getting freezed. Perhaps because of the complexity of the adaptative component family I have.

I will tray It with your method tomorrow and give you feedback.

Thank you one more time.

Hi again,

I’ve been trying to test It and It works, It change the adaptative conponent.

But I’m still having problems with the geometry of my family. I think the matter is that I ve solid cuttings that are generating invalid geometry, edges smallers than 0.8mm…

Thanks for the given solution.

Thanks Japhy.

I am getting the Family origin point coming through as a Point.

When the adaptive component is only built with 4 Adaptive Points.


Did you give your Adaptive Points a Name?


Cheers thanks @Japhy - Ill do that now. :slight_smile: