Get Intersection Points between below curves

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I’m trying to get intersection points on below curve and create line. Each curve below has different slope.

PointPullIntoCurve.3dm (58.4 KB)

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Maybe not the best solution but we can covert pink lines into planes and test intersections of white line to produce a solution. For this script to work correctly please open Gh file with the attached rhino file. Also to grab the curves in Layers, Human plugin components have been used, Your can manually select both set of curves if you do not want to use that plugin.

Below is screenshot of what I achieved. Hope that works for you ! (16.6 KB)

Parametric Curiosity India

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Thanks so much @parametriccuriosity How can i create horizontal and verticallines from those points?

Do you want to create it from the intersection points. Or you want to make a lattice like that irrespective of the points achieved from the intersection ?

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Maybe this could work for you (added to ParametricCuriositys definition). (21.8 KB)