Connection of intersection points

Hello everyone,

I am trying to connect the intersection points shown in the picture with simple lines along their reference curve. Since the red and blue curves are not polylines, I would like to perform this operation.

it would help if you upload your gh file

Sure ! Here it is.

Strukturverläufe (37.3 KB)

sorry i don’t have karamba
but here’s a demo with similar curves (10.2 KB)

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Thank you! Works great in your file. As soon as I load the components into my file, I get the following result. Could the reason be that the start and end points are not on the left and right, but on the left and bottom?

Start and end points as well as intersections can be found. Only the connection to the polyline does not work properly.

I baked my curves and put them in your file. Maybe that will help you. (14.1 KB)

try it out.
but i think you might also want to flip the curves

but baking the curves is not enough. you need to internalize them. right-click on the each curve component and click internalize. save and reupload

Sure, I totally forgot! (28.2 KB)

the points needed to be sorted. i used the intersection parameter to sort them
polyline_from_curve_intersection (1).gh (22.4 KB)

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Fantastic, it works!

Now the next question is how I can define the centers of the individual fields. So far I have only done this for surfaces. Can you help me with this too?

sure, but what are the individual fields?

In principle, I would like to develop a space frame or folding structure in the next step. To do this, I have to determine the center point of the individual fields and offset the center point by a factor of X in the vertical direction so that I get pyramids.

polyline_from_curve_intersection (2).gh (24.9 KB)

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Do you have a link for the area plugin?

we must be using different rhino versions. just type area and use that instead

Can you send me a screenshot of where and how I have to place and connect the Area component?


no i mean in the working area :slight_smile:

on the leftmost part, it’s connected correctly,
on the right, instead of connecting c to the keys, connect a → leaving c connected to the values a on top

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First of all, thank you very much!

I am currently trying to connect the raised center points with the corner points of the corresponding surface in order to generate a triangular surface.

Unfortunately, I can’t assign the center points correctly, which means that every point is connected to every other point.


graft the a input of the line

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