Intersecting curves / lines


i have a problem, i need to get the intersecting points on several curves.

i took the curves put it into a curve component, intersect them, boom works brilliant.

so now i dont want to get intersections if the lines are allined. the plan is to create a line with the line component out of two points on the curve. i get the points from a evaluate curve component. so i have lines, when i put the lines in the intersection component (which works with crvs) theres no output. i tried to graft the line component, or put the line into a crv component but nothing helps.

somebody has any ideas?

Try flattening the lines into the intersection.


good idea but doesnt work out

It definitely can work: (4.7 KB)

Are you sure your lines do actually intersect within tolerance? What happens if you bake the curves from them into Rhino and run intersection from there?