Get and object's properties dimensions length height width etc

Hi I am trying to get and object’s properties dimensions length height width etc. I have found:
strDump = Rhino.ObjectDump(slicingboxID, 3)
MsgBox strDump.
but this gives me a whole lot of undigested information and I would have to do a lot of mucking around to get the basic dimensions and position of my object.
Also I have found:
Rhino.GetObjectData (strObject [, strSection [, strEntry]])
but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it does or if it is worth looking into.

Does any one know how to simply and elegantly get this basic information about an object?


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You may want to try getting the objects bounding box.

Hi David,

In this post, there are some good scripting examples in RhinoScript and Python.


Thanks Menno I just found it. Its not too bad.