Get a clipping plane from the active doc

Hi is there a way to get stream a clipping plane from the Rhino doc into grasshopper?

Similar to how you can get the active viewport in a C# component?

A = doc.Views.ActiveView.ActiveViewport.Name;

I can’t quite figure it out.


I’m pretty sure that you can’t technically “stream” it…so to speak. but, you can get it, delete it from the document, and make/add a new one to the document…over and over again… I posted an example in python here.

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Thank you, appreciate the response. Like a lot of people here, I’m sure, we use Make2d to output line work to ACAD, and I usually end up doing a lot of the detailing work so I’ve decided to take control of the process. I’ve used Grasshopper to write a Make2d script that creates the layer names, colors, line weights etc. exactly as I want them, and anyone in the office can just hit a toolbar button and it all works without them ever having to open GH. I’m now trying to give everyone the ability to create sections. And because this method relies on the Geometry Pipeline component I’m looking for a way to “stream” a clipping plane from the active doc into grasshopper.