German Windows WIP download not working


when I click here on “Weiter>” nothing happens. I use Firefox or Chrome:

Any ideas?



@Michael_Meyer are you logged in to when you try to download?

We recently added some new code to make it so you don’t need your license key if you are logged in… I wonder if that isn’t working well in German.

Hi Brian,

I don’t know, if I am logged in, I suppose not. Also I would prefer to download without logging in, because I have more accounts (one for discourse, one for testing, and my license is installed locally without an rhino account).

It is very frustating to hit the button “Weiter >” again and again, and nothing happens. :wink:



@Joachim_Kuntz can you please look into this? My guess is that there are files in that need to be retranslated.


this is what I get when I follow the link

Also, the download works:

But of course, I’m logged in to my account, so probably that’s why. @brian Should it also work without being logged in? In this case, which would be the files to retranslate?


Thank you @brian

I’ve just updated the two pages you mention, plus another two that appeared new (cloud_zoo_users.htm) or modified ( in Subversion.

@Michael_Meyer please try again and report if the download works now successfully.

Hi @Joachim_Kuntz,

nothing has changed here. I click on “weiter->” and nothing happens.



Sorry, I guess I told you too early. The web has still not been deployed with the recent changes, so please try again tomorrow.

@Michael_Meyer The web is now deployed, so please try again and let us know the result.


great, it works now. I was redirected to login.

Thanks and have a nice weekend