Behavior change for WIP download

Something has changed since the last time I downloaded Rhino V7 WIP (late last year) and I need help understanding what’s going on:

When I download V6 updates (including yesterday’s) I go to
I type in my email and click next, which takes me directly to the page where I select english and the download proceeds.

When I try to download the WIP I go to
where I type in my email and click next.

In the past this behaved in a completely analogous manner to the V6 download, but now it takes me to a page{"nonce"%3A%20"r~Ty%23%40>wg\"\f'Rr5[\fAK1~<yd'([)1%2B2)-GWdU%235RAJyyvbjR%2B%5C%5CCP.gD%5Ct.5%3Fp%3B6%3B~%22%2C%20%22prompt%22%3A%20%5B%22%22%5D%2C%20%22state%22%3A%20%22eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJub25jZSI6InJ-VHkjQD53Z1wiXGYnUnI1W1xmQUsxfjx5ZCcoWykxKzIpLUdXZFUjNVJBSnl5dmJqUitcXENQLmdEXHQuNT9wOzY7fiIsInNlc3Npb25fZHVyYXRpb24iOjMxNTM2MDAwMCwiZXhwIjoxNTQ3NzQ0ODk3LCJyZWRpcmVjdF91cmkiOiJodHRwczovL3d3dy5yaGlubzNkLmNvbS9tY25lZWwtYWNjb3VudHMvbG9naW4iLCJjbGllbnRfa

What is this all about? AFAIK I am already logged in since I read the forum and am sending this from it.

What changed and why? What don’t I understand?

The WIP download sees that you have a Rhino Account and is asking you to log in. You may be logged into Discourse, but you’re not logged in to - which is why you’re being redirected to the login page.

OK. Somehow in the past I got the impression that the Rhino account was a “one-stop shopping” place for everything Rhino, including discourse and YouTrack bug tracking.

Still mystified as to why this wasn’t requested the last time I downloaded the WIP or before, but is now. Did you change something recently or is it that I was formerly logged in all the time and somehow got logged out, or what? And how about V6 updates and RC’s? Doesn’t seem to be required for those.

Hi @AlW - We did change the WIP download to allow login at some point in the last couple months. We added it because a number of users have access to Rhino 6 licenses but don’t actually know the license keys - they have access via their Rhino account. By allowing users to login, we can verify that they have access to Rhino 6 licenses and allow the WIP download without requiring that their IT people give them the license keys. This is another way that we can help keep keys from leaking out into the world.

As for “one stop shopping” it sort of is. Rhino Accounts provides a single account for all the different McNeel properties (, discourse, Rhino itself, etc). But that single account mechanism doesn’t allow all of these properties to automatically know about each other. Just because you used your Rhino account to log into discourse doesn’t mean you’re automatically logged into and Rhino itself.

We didn’t add a login for downloading Rhino 6 yet, but we may in the future.

Thanks for clearing that up, Brian.