Hey guys,

Does anyone know what the heck is going on with the geometrydepth website?

I was about to buy Python and Kangaroo courses but it seems that it ain’t available anymore (as well as all the other courses)…

Thanks in advance for any information.


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Hi @Benoit_Martel

The site no longer sells courses. It was a fun adventure, but we now all moved to other endeavors.



Hi Giulio,

So there’s absolutely no way of getting your Pyton and Kangaroo courses? Man, that’s too bad, as it seemed to be probably the best resource available online… And most of all, I’ve been saving money for months to get these :frowning:

Yes, I am sorry. These courses are no longer available. On the plus side, there are quite a few other resources online these days.

For Python, I would suggest having a look at:

See also the Other Resources links in the page above.

There is also an upcoming class in Barcelona:

I probably missed some other great resource. It will be amazing if anyone else who finds them will post them below here.

This was all for Python, so I think you are covered there.

For Kangaroo, one of the issues was that the course was taught still with Kangaroo 1, now outdated by the release of Kangaroo 2. I think @DanielPiker will be the best person to suggest tutorial places.


Hi Giulio,

Thanks a lot. I knew the majority of these resources, except blackpectacles (I knew the site but never heard of a Python course) and Carl Lostritto.

However it’s still a pity that you’ve taken such decision. The question is why…? As for Kangaroo it’s understandable (still a pity even if it’s oudated), but for all the rest, you’ve got ready material, why not sharing it with people?



Most people paid for it when it was fresh, and now it’s old material. There are no plans to share the old material without a complete revamp.

Sound like good places where to start looking :slight_smile: Also, you could give a thought to Barcelona.

Check out these:

Unfortunately i’ll be too far away from Barcelona in february :confused: But many thanks!

Yep, I knew these already. But thanks a lot! The Geomtrydepth stuff seemed more indepth at first glance, hence the posted question…


Except the Paneling part of rese arch tutorials, of course :wink:

Haha well I meant to point you to the kangaroo tutorial there.

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Ok, so you mean that the best Kangaroo course on the market is the one from rese arch?

The best Kangaroo course is probably from Daniel. I never saw the Geometry Depth one. I just know the rese arch one is good because I have seen it. However, its impossible to show all aspects of a software in one tutorial so dunno exactly what parts you are and are not looking for, especially since kangaroo is capable of so much.

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Well, I’m just interested in developing my skills. I know how to do some simple simulations in Kangaroo, but it’s not enough. Are there other Kangaroo tuts from @DanielPiker than the one on the Geometry Depth site?